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Insurance pissed...

I have two jobs right now - I am an academic adviser for a private university, and I also waitress very part time. I have been waitressing for 3 years now, but just signed up for health care through the company in December since I got kicked off my parents' health care insurance when I turned 23. I was paying $75 every 2 weeks (straight out of my checks) for medical and dental from United Health Care. Then, I got a job at the university, which has amazing benefits - also through United Health Care, but the benefits are better and I only pay about $40 a month. I called UHC on February 9th to cancel my benefits, the day I was hired at my new job. I asked if I would get any kind of confirmation number, and the girl I spoke with said there wasn't one, my benefits would just end on February 28th. Perfect! Benefits for my new job would kick in the next day, March 1st. I have only been waitressing about twice a month for spare cash. I haven't been getting any direct deposit into my bank account from my restaurant job, and when I asked my managers why, they said it is because I am taxed high because I make enough in tips. I worked 5 times in the last month, and still didn't get direct deposit - I thought something might me up. The last few times I had worked the new manager didn't know where the pay stubs were, so I couldn't even see what was being taken out. I went in last night to get my pay stubs, only to find out that they have been charging me for health care still! I called this morning, and the girl I spoke with said there was no record of my cancellation. No notes in the system, nothing. WHAT THE FUCK? She said if I could find the exact time and date I called, she could have the supervisor pull the phone conversation, since they log everything.I am currently looking at a phone record on 4/9 of a conversation to their direct number on AT&T's site that lasted 5 minutes.

Also, I was in a very bad accident and totaled my car on March 3rd- and when the hospital looked up my SS#, the only health insurance that came up was for my new job. This gave me reassurance that I was, in fact, off the old plan. The lady I spoke with today said a supervisor would call me within 48 hours. I am fucking livid..they owe me that $300 I paid. The lady also said that they legally must record every phone conversation. I am so worried they are going to pull some bullshit and say it doesn't exist. ...ugh sdjsjffjs and advice? Should I just wait for their call?
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