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Car dealership woes....

Back in February, my husband and I decided to replace our 1992 Chevy Cavalier with something newer and bigger.

My sister and grandma had success buying used cars from my uncle that works at a GM, Pontiac, Ford, and Mercedes dealership in the next town over.

I figured since he didn't screw them over, I'd go to him for our purchase.

He found us a 2005 Envoy. The husband fell in love with it. No major issues (just a few things that are cosmetic mostly), so we buy it. When we go into sign paperwork, my uncle tells us that since it is used, he has set us up with the best warranty they offer on a used car. Everything is covered from bumper to bumper for 1 year or 12,000 miles. That combined with the lifetime powertrain and drivetrain warranty from GM, we thought we were good.

Now this is totally our fault, but we didn't notice when we test drove the car that the cd player didn't work. Ok, no biggie. Within 6 hours of having the car home, I call my uncle and tell him. He says, don't worry, it is covered. He asks us if we want it fixed asap, or if it can wait until our first oil change. He says that if we wait until our first oil change, if anything else should happen, we can get it fixed all in one shot.

So we wait.

Last month we went to Memphis for a trip. On the way down, something happened and we noticed the rubber weather stripping on the back driver's side door is coming off. I call my uncle, he adds it to the "list" with the cd player.

So today we have an appointment to take it in to get the oil changed and for them to order the cd player and fix the weather stripping issue. They look the car over with a fine tooth comb and find a couple other minor things that they want to do to it. Sweet.

We leave at 1:30 to go run some errands. 5:00 rolls around and no one has called us yet. I tell the husband to call because they close in an hour and I want to know what's going on and if we need to go get it or what. He calls and they tell him they're calling in on the warranty and someone will call him back.

15 minutes later, they call back, tell him the oil is changed and that's it. Nothing they were going to do to it was covered under the "best warranty they offer". Uh..what? No? The service guy tells him that he doesn't know when/where we bought the car. The husband tells him we bought it from *uncle's name* on February 23rd. The guy gets real quiet and tells the husband that he has to talk to my uncle.

I drive the husband over and drop him off. He's there for 45 minutes talking to my uncle. My uncle tells him that he really didn't give us the best warranty they offer. The guy that set it up doesn't work there anymore, but he didn't do the paperwork for the warranty correctly, so we really ended up with really shitty warranty that doesn't cover jack shit.

The husband asks him what he's going to do to fix this because in the very least, he knew the cd player was jacked almost immediately after we brought it home. They have a time frame where if anything goes wrong with the car like that, we could have brought it back and had it taken care of, no charge. Of course we're out of the time frame because we were told the cd player was covered under warranty.

He jacks around and says that they can cancel shitty warranty and upgrade us to awesome warranty if the bank will cooperate..but we'll probably have to come up with the difference between the two warranties.

So now we're stuck for the moment. I know it is just a cd player and we can deal without it. But what if something else went wrong that we need taken care of? WTF are we supposed to do then?

Just because he's my uncle, I'm not going to let him dick me around. I've got everything documented with dates and times we called regarding the stripping and cd player, questions we asked, and answers we received.

If all else fails, I'll call my boss and see if she'll put on her "stern attorney" voice and see if that'll do anything.

tl;dr - My uncle is a douche bag. He sold us a car and told us we had "really awesome warranty" that covers everything when in all reality we have "really shitty warranty" that covers squat and I've got some minor repairs I need done on my car. :(
Tags: car/truck repair, car/truck sales
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