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I am so upset...

Yesterday I went to Clinique to buy face-primer, just primer... and the woman there somehow convinced me to get a full makeover (we ended up not even using primer) and we used a variety of skin products (a cleanser, something that removes oil, a moisturizer, ect.) During this time we lightly brushed over the topic of allergies and I mentioned how terribly allergic I am to benzoyl peroxide.. and she quickly checked the bottles and said "Oh, if there's any of it if here it must be a very small amount because it's not even *listed*" eventually she even convinced me to buy all of it (it looked nice, I swear).
Soon after I left my face began to feel slightly irritated but I didn't think very much of it, she'd used a spot-treatment as well and those tend to sting... by the time I got home my face was bright red and burned. I flushed my skin and checked the ingredients, only to discover that not only does the moisturizer (of all things!) contain Benzoyl Peroxide, but it's 3% benzoyl peroxide! There's even a bolded allergy warning on it!!!! I'm so upset... and my face and neck are so swore, red, and blotchy. They're literally radiating heat from this massive chemical burn. I'm hoping I'll at least get a refund now...

EDIT: Yes, some of this is my fault. I assumed that since I told her of my allergy before the skin care products went on my face and I saw her check all of the ingredients that she would be honest if the medicine I was allergic to was in any of it. That's not the point. This community is for bad service, which is the point of this post.
Tags: department store, don't know how u do the voodoo that u do, it's only bad service if you die, wank
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