Roisin Dubh (aoibhinn) wrote in bad_service,
Roisin Dubh

Into the Anals of History

I figured since I am an asshole magnet, I would recall some of my more horrifying bad service moments. And yes, the misspelling in the subject line is intentional.

Well, I live in SWFL. For those who don't know, we had 4 hurricanes this past summer. The first, Charley, was the worst for my particular area.
My boyfriend and I moved into our new apartment on Aug. 2nd. We had already set up an apointment with Sprint to hook up our phone. They were suppossed to have it done by aug. 10. When it was not done, we called and they said it would be 5 more days, max. We said fine.
The hurricane comes. Still no phone. We sit through a category 4 hurricane with no way of contacting our family. We were pretty pissed.
So, when our cell phones finally got service, we call again. They say it will be done within a few days.... again. Few days come and go. We call back, and it will be done next week. Fine.
A week comes and goes. On the last call, I lose my patience when they say it will be another MONTH before we have phone. They use the excuse of "all our workers are working on getting the hurricane victims hooked back up."
Normally, I would accept this excuse, except for 2 things.
1. Our phone was suppossed to be hooked up a week before the hurricane even came.
2. I had seen sprint vans come not only to my complex, but to MY BUILDING.

Unfortunately, there was nothing else to be done. We needed phone, and Sprint has a monopoly on my area. They are the only phone providers for my section of town.

Next time I will entertain you with the tale of the woman who denied my credit card, for no apparent reason.
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