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Dear Crappy Ruby Tuesday's waitress from last night: 

Your restaurant was NOT busy last night. There were 3 other customers and 2 of which were being taken care of by another server. The other one was clearly one of your friends that you decided to sit with for a few minutes. That's fine and good..but don't do that while you IGNORE the other customers. (Myself and my 2 friends)

You didn't even acknowledge us when we got seated by the hostess even though you were looking at us. You instead, rolled your eyes. I realize you close at 11 and it's 10:10. I could understand a little annoyance if we walked in at 10:55 ...even're getting PAID. If the hostess allows us to sit down, guess what... you're still open, bitch.

You took 10 minutes to ask us for drink orders. Instead of saying "Hi, how are you? Can I start you with some drinks while you look at the menu?" we got
"Hey. What do ya want to drink? "
We ordered our drinks.... and waited 15 minutes to get them. While we waited we watched you take our order and then sit with your friends and gab about college graduation. When I finally said "Excuse me, we're ready to order" The proper response might have been "oh sorry! Ok what can I get you? 
Not *eyeroll* " what did ya want?" 
Again, you went and sat with your friends. 25 minutes later you shove our plates on the table without even asking who got what. We switch our plates to the rightful owners... and I catch you eyeroll us as you walk away. NICE. 
Then I can hear you talking with the friends again. I hear you mention that you were SUPPOSED to be out by 11:15 but motion over to our table and say "but ya know......" and then we hear the table giggle and someone say "That sucks , sorry" 
I could have started bitching you out right there but i figure in this situation it's best to hit you where it hurts: your tip.

We are nearing finishing our food and NOW the waitress is all about us. "Are you still working on that? can I wrap that for you? Would you like your check?" 

We wrap what we want wrapped, get our check, and made sure to pay in EXACT change. Not even a penny over.
You come to our table and we say "That's all set, thanks." 
You look at the bill, and the money left and roll your eyes one more time.

So my friend says "Yeah you'll notice theres no tip and that's because you've given us crappy service since the second we walked in the door. "

She rolls her eyes again and says Well you KNOW we close at 11 right? 

my friend says "Right. We came in about 10 past 10. If you'd not been so negligent we might have even been out of here by 11." 

She LITERALLY said "Whatever." (that's a pet peeve of mine...idk why but it is.) 

Today my friend called the restaurant manager and told him what happened. Apparently there's a voucher for a free meal for us waiting at the restaurant. We'll make sure to walk in at 10:50 this time. (haha not really we're not that bitchy..but we thought about it! LOL 
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