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McD's - Where old food goes to die.

I was commenting on a Customers_Suck post when I realized my remembered experience would make a good Bad_Service post on its own.

The topic was why a customer might not trust a fast food person when they tell them the food is fresh. I was describing an experience I had in the past...

Back when they had bins and bin timers I went into a McD's wanting a fillet of fish. There were two in the bin with timers indicating they should have been thrown out about twenty minutes ago. There was a long line and only one cashier so it was over ten minutes before I ordered and the same two fillet were in the bin.

Me: Hi I'd like a fillet of fish but a fresh one, not one of the two in the bin.
CSR: I'm sorry, I can't do that. Unless you want to special order it I have to use what's in the bin.
Me: OK, can you dump those two into the waste bin, get a couple of fresh ones into the bin and then take it from the bin?
CSR: Let me get my manager.
Mgr: Sir, those fillet of fish are fresh. They just came up!
Me: Look...I don't want to argue about this. According to your bin timers those fillet should have been thrown into waste over thirty minutes ago.
Mgr: (Takes bin tags off the fillet) Oh...these just didn't get changed. These fillet actually just came up!
Me: I'm a manager at another McDonald's. The hold time for fillet is ten minutes. (Looks at bin timer clock) It has now been sixteen minutes since I came into the store. Even if the bin timers were incorrect those fillets should have been wasted six minutes ago and that's assuming they came up seconds before I walked through the door.
Mgr: It will be a few minutes for a fresh fillet (and she leaves the two old ones in the bin).

tldr: Managers tries to sell old food, gets caught, tries to lie about it and gets caught again.
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