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Rub it in her face why don't you . . .

As an outsider, this is funny. Had it actually hurt someone's feelings, it would not be funny.

My friend Susan P. got married about two years ago. Her husband and his first wife "Cathy" had a rather acromonious divorce, but Cathy kept the last name of P. Susan, Cathy, and Mr. P all go to the same dentist.

Susan always gets Cathy's "dental reminder" cards, even though Cathy has not lived at that residence for  well over two years. 

First time she called the dentist, told them Cathy did not live there, and they said "no problem, we'll take that address off", but they didn't (which actually makes sense, because it wouldn't be a great idea if some random person could call in and get your address changed, BUT they shouldn't have told her "no problem" and then not do it.)

Second time she called in, FYI, please check your records, send the reminders to the place listed on Cathy's insurance card. The dentist's office wanted to know if Cathy's "husband" (i.e. Mr. P) had moved as well.  Susan let them know that Cathy and Mr. P had divorced, so she had moved, and Susan and Mr. P had stayed put. Ok, no problem!

So then they just started sending Susan's reminders to Cathy, and kept sending Cathy's reminders to Susan.

So that THIRD time she called them up, had a long chat, and reiterated that they needed to remove the note about Cathy and Mr. P being married, because Cathy is the ex-wife, could they PLEASE make a note of that? No problem, we're making a note of it!

So they did make a note of it.

A reminder  for Cathy's next dental appointment came in the mail, to Susan, on Thursday. She brought it in for us to see. You know how you'll get letters that addressed to you formally, but they have a "nickname" in the salutation? Yup.  The card was addressed to Catherine P, but started off with:


Susan asked for my reccomendation for a new dentist.
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