Gamerboi (gaymerboi) wrote in bad_service,

Theater Suck

My friend and I went to see a movie last night. We got there about 30 min early, because it was a special one night screening of Death Note: L- Change the World.
We got our tickets go over to the host, they take our tickets and tell us the theater number. We go sit in there (also already about 10 other people there) only for employees to come in 5 min later to clean the theater - they kick us all out and are surprised they let us before the theater was even cleaned. -- Problem #1
They clean, and then let us all back in. They start playing the 'pre-movie' sucky music - at EAR DEAFENING LEVELS (not just movie theater loud, like 'my ears are going to bleed loud'). I go out of the theater to find a manager, and realize you can hear the music from that theater all the way out in the lobby. Find a manager and they go turn it down. -- Problem #2
At the time the movie is scheduled to start, they turn off the awful house music... but don't turn on anything else. We sit there. Surely someone will actually play the movie soon........Fifteen min after the movie is supposed to start, still- no movie. Just a blank screen and no sound... uh, huh. I find an employee who goes to get someone to start the movie - 20 min after it was scheduled to start. -- Problem #3
The problem is, they just started the movie and didn't turn down the lights. I again leave and find someone to relay that really they probably should turn off the lights, so, ya know, we can actually see the movie and not just glare -- Problem #4
All goes well till the climax of the movie - when we lose picture for 5 min and just have sound. I again, PISSED OFF, go out and find an employee to fix the picture. They don't rewind the movie or anything, so we are having to guess what happened DURING THE CLIMAX OF THE MOVIE based on the sounds going and what happened after the picture came back. (Did she die? It sounded like she died but I can't tell?) -- Problem #5
All in all - they charged us double the regular ticket price because it was a 'special one night screening' only for me to get the worst movie experience ever. Argh. I've never had a problem at this theater before.
Tags: theatre, you gotta speak up
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