The Wild Colonial Boy (new_iconoclast) wrote in bad_service,
The Wild Colonial Boy

Comcast - they do Internet! Or do they?

I bought Comcast high-speed cable internet last weekend. It's been quite the runaround. When I signed up for the service at Best Buy, they gave me a "start-up kit" and told me that since my house was already wired, it would be no problem to get me up and running an, say, 15 minutes. When that didn't work, I dialed the toll-free help number in the quick-start pamphlet. It had been disconnected.

I think I've gotten 5 different stories from 6 different CSRs and tech reps, and we still aren't hooked up. My dial-up connection still "works," but the reason I'm going cable is that it doesn't really work, at least not with WinXP. First I didn't need "premium install." Then I did. Then, after two people told me I did and I pitched a hissy because the store rep told me I didn't, they told me I still did but they wouldn't charge me the $50. So I scheduled the appointment to have them come out and pull the tap on the line (we are former Comcast/AT&T cable TV customers, so the house is already wired). They called back to change the appointment from Monday morning to Tuesday morning, and told the WB, "I don't know why they tried to sell you premium install. You don't need that."

No shit.

So they came out yesterday and pulled the tap, and when I got home, I called Comcast to get things rolling. One hour and innumerable trips into the bowels of WinXP later, the tech rep (to whom I was transferred after the CSR jerked my chain once too often) told me I would need to have a technician come out and look at the setup. I called back later and got another CSR who told me my account had been canceled (!!) and that it would take about 48 hours for the system to "cycle" my hookup. I asked to be transferred again, and she conferenced me to a tech guy who told me the same thing. I asked why the previous tech rep had told me to have a technician come out. He didn't know.

I let him know that he had a pretty severe credibility gap at that point, and if I called back on Thursday and they didn't have me up and running post-haste, I was going to hunt him down (insert best Bela Lugosi laugh).

This had better work really, really sweet if-and-when it finally gets going.
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