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The news lied? Never!

This was free so perhaps I can't complain. I'm not terribly upset, but I feel like venting. Mostly because I made an ass of myself on facebook saying I was seeing the Transformers movie early x_x

I live in Michigan and happened to catch the morning news for the first time in ages. They advertised something about the new Transformers movie early. Later they say "The new Transformers movie comes out at the end of June, but we've got tickets to see it early." or something along those lines. They did specifically say it was an early showing of Transformers. Neato! We drove up to some dealership and picked up a little postcard to admit two. It had something about prizes for the first 25 people in line and a contest for best costume. We showed up a few hours early and got in line... then an usher comes up to us and says "You know it's the first movie right?" O.o What? Turns out it was the first movie with the new trailer before it. Well over 100 people showed up complaining that the news mislead them. One usher said that somewhere on the card in fine print it stated "See exclusive footage of Transformers 2" (translation: you're not seeing the whole movie sweetheart!), but we weren't able to actually get the card back to check it again since they took them at the ticket counter. A few of the ushers stood around talking to everyone waiting in line and most of them thought it was the second movie as well. I'm surprised even the ushers at the theater showing the film didn't know what they were showing! We did end up getting a prize, a slip to mail out for a free copy of the first Transformers dvd. I mean, a free movie is a free movie, but we wouldn't have shown up so early for it, and only two people in the entire line seemed to know it was the first movie and they had received their tickets through somewhere else.
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