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Australia's favourite brands hated on the web

Mods - feel free to delete this post if it's outside of the rules of the community.. but it gives the community a plug which is always a plus!

This is from www.news.com.au; the main news site in Australia.

AN ONLINE audit of Australia’s favourite brands has revealed dozens of hate websites set up by livid customers and ex-employees.

read the article here.

And also, the mention for this community in the comments section -

Felicity of SA Posted at 2:42pm today
http://bad_service.livejournal.com/ Get ripped off at a department store? Eat bad chicken from your local pub & grill? Pass out waiting in line at the grocery store? Get mistreated by that pimply-faced clerk who hasn't the foggiest clue what he's doing? Then this is the community for you. Rant, rave, complain, or bitch about the bad service you've received, whether it's from your local telco, your government agency, babysitter, or sky-diving instructor.
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