cookiepartyyy (cookiepartyyy) wrote in bad_service,

Cell Phone Company and downloading third-party applications that DONT WORK.

Nothing like paying $7.00 to download Ebay mobile on my cell phone only to find out moments later that ITS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH MY PHONE. No warning, disclaimer before downloading, nothing.

And then I email my mobile provider's customer service to request that the $7.00 charge be taken off and I get this:

Dear Cookie Partyyy,

Thank you for your recent email.

My name is Devlyn and for your reference, my employee identification is

Upon full review of your email, I regret to inform you that we cannot be
held responsible if this application is not compatible with your
cellular phone. This is a valid fee and therefore cannot be void.

..... blah blah blah goes on to try to sell me some shit.

What the hell. I'm not going to pay for a product/service I didn't receive.

Tags: helpful comments, phone service, resolution
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