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who has the medical degree? that's right, the DOCTOR. not YOU, front desk bitch.

warning - somewhat long!

my insurance doesn't cover vision, as most tend to not. therefore until my recent eye exam, i was behind in getting yearly eye exams. i wear contacts but also have glasses. i figured i should get an exam, knowing my contacts probably needed updating and my glasses ARE ten years out of date, since i wear them barely ever.

i finally made an eye appt with Dr. O (my childhood eye doctor) after going to Dr. G. between the ages of fifteen and twenty seven--i'm thirty now. (Dr. G. moved to Hawaii a few years ago).

background info:
-- i used one brand of contacts (let's call them brand A) with Dr. G. for several years before the manufacturer of those contacts hiked the price up so high it became ridiculous. brand A was sold by individual lens. Dr. G. switched me to contact brand B, which came in a box of six. he specifically asked if i wanted disposables or long-term wear. i chose the latter because i didn't have the money to keep buying a new box every month. he said they were good for about a year per set. i lost one set, which brought me down to two sets. i admit to overwearing them a little, due to financial issues, so i didn't get a new exam sooner than this. i switch out the sets every six months or so for the last few years.

when i called to make the appt, i was asked if i wore contacts. yes i do. "okay make sure to bring a contact case because you will need to remove them for the exam." okay, done deal.

i get there and fill out all the paperwork since i haven't been there in so long and the last set of paperwork was done by my parents since i was still a minor. i take the completed paperwork up to the receptionist, who then proceeds to ask me if i brought any records from Dr. G. and/or a past contact Rx. no.

she cops a 'tude right off the bat. "you didn't bring any information?"

i wasn't told to bring anything other than a contact case.

"okay, well how long have you been wearing those lenses?"

about a year and a half.

"you've been wearing disposable lenses for a year and a half??"

they aren't disposables. they're long-term wear.

"Dr. G. never sold anything but disposables."

he did not tell me they were disposables.

"that's all he sold. they would either have to be one week or one month-wear."

that's not what he told me. if he had, i would have been going in to get new sets. i asked for these long-term wear ones cuz i didn't have the money for disposables.

:huffy sigh: "very well."

(honestly, what part of "long-term wear" isn't clear?)

fast-forward to the exam. first i take out my lenses and sit to have my eyes looked at with this laser imager (apparently the newest, shiniest thing in optometry tech). then Dr. O. does my exam (the usual "see the letters, read the third line, the fifth line, how is this lens compared to this lens" routine), and plays catch-up with me since he hasn't had me in his chair since i was fifteen. we have a nice long discussion about how Dr. G. handled my contacts and the like, at which i repeat to him the "these are long-term wear lenses".

then i get the results of the laser imager--i have a slight astigmatism. which he clearly states i have inherited from my mother. (this part is important) new contacts and glasses will have to be made to accomodate such. okay, fine. my wallet cringes, but such is the price of seeing properly.

fast forward to a week later. other problems in real life interfere with me calling to check on the status of new contacts (which are out of stock and must be ordered). when my mother mentions via a phone call that she has an appt with Dr. O., i ask her to ask them if my new contacts are in yet and to apologize to them for not calling to check myself, due to aforementioned other problems.

later that evening, i get a voicemail from my mother to the tune of "the girl i talked to says you've been wearing your contacts for too long--that they were disposables and you should have had new ones a long time ago. she also said that your astigmatism may have been caused by wearing those lenses for too long and they don't know if that's the cause or not so you might have to wear your glasses for a month to find out what the case is. you can't risk your eyesight like this. and your new contacts are still on order and they'll call you when they come in for fitting them."

to the dumb bitch behind the desk who spouted off to my mother--um bullshit.

Dr. O. said INHERITED astigmatism.

he did not say WORD ONE abt these lenses causing ANYTHING.

he's the one with the fucking optometry degree.



unfortunately my mother didn't get the name of WHICH of the dumb bitches spouted off to her, so i am not sure if it would do any good to say something, though i still plan to.

my friend who is a pharmacy tech also thinks i should drop mention of a HIPPA violation. i am unsure if that would fly because i asked my mother to ask them for an update. she thinks that it still counts because my question was "are my new contacts in yet?" and not a diagnosis coming from someone at the front desk. your thoughts?

what the fuck is it with medical assistants/receptionists thinking they have the medical degrees?? i'm hearing this a lot lately from all kinds of people who have problems at doctor's offices.
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