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City Bird

Bad service at expensive Thai place

This was bad enough service to make me hesitant to drive way out to this place again, but I won't rule it out all together.

A friend of mine booked a locally owned Thai/Canadian place for a birthday party. It is in general quite expensive.

Fail the first was my boyfriend and I arriving and letting them know we were with the *Smith party. The server/hostness replied "They told us there were only 10 *blank stare*". Now this may have been the case as I did not make the reservation, but in fact there were 11 of us. Lo, the table was set for 12 anyway. (edit: The problem wasn't that my friend may or may not overbooked, but that is not how you greet a couple entering your restaurant! I wasn't sure if she expected us to dematerialize or what)

Now the good service part of this was that the birthday boy's spouse called ahead this week and asked about some dishes being modified for the several vegetarians in our party and they agreed. She took everyone's orders, but one gentleman in the middle of the table. He had to chase after her because she turned and rocketed away after taking his wife's order.

We were brought our drinks and waited for our food. There was one other table (of 5) seated and already served. Another server was handling them. For a full hour, our servcer did not return. No offer to freshen our drinks, zip. The 2nd server eventually brought out some bread. I should mention that anytime she was around, she was totally silent and only communicated in nods. Now we expected that a few (somewhat) modified orders may take some time, but this was a bit ridiculous. One of the party got up to search for either of the servers at one point, but they were no where in sight. There seemed to be no other staff.

Eventually we were served. Three of us got the same veggie curry, two got the same chicken curry, three got Pad Thai, two ordered other dishes and one just got a salad. This made it a bit easier on the chef. The curries were served and roughly 10 minutes went by before rice was brought out (by the 2nd server as the first disappeared instantly after bringing the mains). The food was great once we had started eating, but it was getting quite late by this time. One of the couples had to leave immediately after finishing their meal as things went much longer than planned. Toward the end the server came by to ask us how everything was. A couple of us managed to get 2nd drinks only by snagging her as she fled the room again.

There was no offer of dessert when the plates were collected. A couple of people wanted their left overs boxed, but they didn't get their food brought out again until they reminded the server long after they paid and were ready to go.

edited TL/DR: A somewhat upscale restaurant leaves two young and seemingly inexperienced servers alone to ignore us instead of serve us. Second server was Silent Bob. We wait forever for our meals and do not get offered second drinks or deserts.
Tags: *restaurant, canada, deaf waiter, don't speak, fyi: tags =/= wank, get the emp: tagbots en route!, i smell bacon!!!, lamb is my favorite vegetable, potato is my favorite meat, tags r srs bzness!!!!
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