Some Bear (vikytickytembo) wrote in bad_service,
Some Bear

Follow up to this:

So I stayed home today so USPS couldn't say I wasn't here. But of course they somehow still managed to.

I checked my mailbox at 12:30, and it was empty. I checked my mailbox at 1pm, and there was a little peach "Sorry we missed you!" slip. Dated 4/24.

So they didn't try to deliver it Friday OR today, and the post office I can apparently pick up at is not the post office I was directed to in my last post. I'm going to walk over there today and see if they have my package. I bet they never even put it on the truck.

I also called and filed a complaint. Someone is supposed to call me back tomorrow. Yeah. Sure. Right. :/
Tags: follow-up, postal service
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