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Dumbass fast food employees.

I don't know if any of you live far enough south to have a Zaxby's, as it's a southern fast food chain, but it's like one of those places that's kinda fast food and kinda isn't. The food is better than your average fast food place. They serve chicken.

Anyway, I usually order the chicken fingers, which comes with slaw, fries, and a piece of bread, but yesterday I decided I wanted the nuggets meal, which doesn't come with slaw (I didn't know that at the time). So I started to order the way I usually do, "no slaw extra fries," and the girl looks at me, and goes, "the number 4...?" My boyfriend whispered that the #4 (nuggets) didn't come with slaw, so I say, "oh sorry, I didn't know it doesn't come with slaw, sorry!" She just looked at me like she was stoned or something. You order your drink seperate from the meal, so I said I wanted a regular drink, and she took out two cups, then my boyfriend ordered and said he wanted a water, so she looked at him all strange and said, "water...?" (Think of her saying the words all drawn out like woaahhhh.) Then she put back the second regular cup and took out a water cup.

I don't know... the way I presented the situation in this post doesn't make it sound so bad, but it was just WEIRD and made me feel uncomfortable.

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