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Telemarketer Sucks

A bit of background. I work for a construction company. Since my boss spends more time out in the field than in the office, I have to field a lot of calls. If it's business related, I will take a message and give them his cell phone number if it's really important. If not, I'll give him the message when he calls in. A lot of times he cannot get to his cell or cannot have it on jobsite so only emergencies warrant disturbing him.

This is an annoyance more than bad service, I suppose.  Let me preface this by saying that I realize the majority of telemarketers are just decent people trying to earn a living and I don't have anything against them.  But, there are a few that can't/won't take no for an answer and are kind of pushy/aggressive.

My boss has a name that could be either a man or a woman's name. Please don't assume he's a woman. When you say "she" and I very clearly say "he" or "him" don't keep referring to him as a woman. When I say I will take a message, that means I will take a message. No, he does not have voicemail. No, I will not give you his cell phone number. When I say that I am not the person you need to speak with, do not keep trying to get me to agree to whatever product you are selling. When I tell you he is out of town and will not be back until next week, DO NOT call back three more times that day. And the next day. My answer will not change. Yes, I sound young. No, he's not my father. He's not my husband either, for that matter. If you don't take no for an answer, I will hang up on you.

Honestly, I feel bad. I realize that they are just doing their job but it gets really aggravating. I really won't immediately hang up on anyone but I won't argue with them either. This one took the cake though.

When you call in here all friendly-like and ask about my boss, I might assume you are a business contact. You pronounced his name correctly (which, really isn't that hard but you'd be surprised) so I might think you've at least met him. When I tell you he isn't here and offer to take a message, my suspicion arises when your response is to immediately ask for his cell phone number. When I ask your name and what you are calling in regards to (to determine whether I should give out that number or not), do not evade the question and then lie to me. I've been working here 12 years, I know him pretty well. No, you are not an old college buddy of his. Know how I know? He didn't go to college. We're fairly successful but he built it up on brains and sweat.  I'm nice though, I didn't call you on it right away. When you pressed, I bitch-slapped you with the knowledge and hung up on you.

Also, I ran this past derbysinner before I posted and she said it was okay to post but to be prepared for people to disagree with me.  Please, be kind.

Tags: debate, telemarketers/solicitors, wank

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