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I work at a law firm. I was laid off/fired/whatever along with 4 other employees at the beginning of March due to the economy not being great and my boss being a douche. I needed the money, so when they offered me my job back, part time at the middle of March, I agreed.

I was doing paralegal work. Now I'm doing paralegal work as well as partial bookkeeping. By partial I mean the boss gives me the bills, I log them onto my spreadsheet, I fax copies to the outside bookkeeper and when she sends us checks, I copy and mail them and file the paid bills. I took over for one of the other employees that was let go.

When I came in, I went through every outstanding bill we had and made my own spreadsheet instead of using the one that was already done. that we have that straight..

This time last year, the boss hired an outside bookkeeper. I always heard rumors about how she was constantly screwing things up, but I had no idea until I started doing the bookkeeping work.

Last Wednesday, she was supposed to come in at 3:00 pm so we could go over her Quickbooks to get on the same page with the bills because there were some discrepancies between my list and hers. Ok.

I leave at 4:30. She knows this. She was reminded of this when she scheduled the appointment.
She shows up for our 3:00 appointment at 4:15, doesn't get her computer booted up until 4:25, and expects me to stay for an hour and a half to go over the bills with her.

So over the weekend she sends my boss an e-mail printout of her accounts payable aging statement from her Quickbooks. She tells him that I have screwed up and I have things doubled entered and I need to fix my spreadsheet.

O rly?

I go through the stuff she sent, line by line. I found 1 item on her spread that I don't have, but it was a bill from before I took over. No biggie.

I found 15 bills that I had sent her that she didn't have on her spreadsheet. I found 10 bills that she had that we still owed, which we didn't because I had the check copies to prove it.

I found 2 things that she had duplicated on her spreadsheet. 1 didn't even make any sense. It was supposed to be a donation in the name of a client that passed away to a hospital. She had part of the hospital name as the reference, then part of what the donation was for who the check was to be made out to. Then she had a second one with the name of the hospital as the donation. I know that sounds confusing, but I'm trying to be vague. If I could be specific, you'd totally understand.

I use Quickbooks at my 2nd job doing bookkeeping for a construction company. I've only been using it for a month. When I was going through her list, I noticed that every single bill had a due date 10 days out from the day she entered it. She never bothered to change the due date to what the bill said the due date is/was.

It took her 6 months to change my address on my paychecks, despite being told twice a month, every month to change it.

She's constantly screwing up people's ETO or not paying overtime pay.

I'm fed up. If she's made this many mistakes in a month, I can only imagine what it has been like since he hired her!

tl;dr Bad bookkeeper is really bad.
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