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Mildly Irritating, then Great, then Really Embarassing Service

So it was the Saturday before Marathon Monday here in Boston and unfortunately due to some IT issues, a few of us had to head into the office on that morning.  After spending time getting servers and stuff back up and running, the five of us decided to get some lunch.

We wandered up and down Boylston St. over by Copley Square (where the marathon ends) and pushed our way through the crowds trying to find a place to eat.  We finally found a place and got seated way in the back.  We waited for about 15-20 minutes and noticed waitresses walking around taking orders and bringing drinks/food.  I got up and asked one of the waitresses if we could please have our orders taken as we had already decided what we wanted to order.  She apologizes and says she'll be right over.

So we get our food and drinks and have pretty much forgotten about that minor annoyance with service.  The manager comes over and asks us how everything is going.  We say great, but did mention that we had some problems right when we first sat down.  He apologizes and tells us the entire lunch is on him.  We are floored and thank him profusely as that seems to be a pretty grand gesture for something that ultimately wasn't a big deal.

We call the waitress over and give her something like a 30% tip and thank her for everything.  She looks a little confused, but smiles and says thank you.  As we leave and push through what seems to be a rapidly growing crowd of people (probably because of the marathon), we hear someone yelling "Stop them!!  Stop them!!!  They didn't pay!!"  I stop in my tracks and turn to see what's going on and I see our waitress nearly pushing people over and screaming at the top of her lungs that we were leaving without paying.  It was pretty mortifying because an entire busy Boston bar was turning to look at us like we were thieves!! 

I told her that we were comped our lunch and she made me stand there until she could find the manager who confirmed that he had comped us our lunch.  I was trying hard not to be mad at her because the manager had obviously forgotten to mention to her that he was picking up the bill, but it was so mortifying!  

*Edit to change minor spelling mistake
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