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AAA bad service

I've been a member for a considerable time. They've bailed me out of a few bad situations and until last night, they were cool. Now... not so much.

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I decided to go to Outback to get my favorite Drover's Platter (Ribs, chicken... yummy!)

So, I'm on my way, it's about half an hour drive from home now. Got about 20 minutes from home and got a flat tire. I called AAA, they came to put on the spare (turns out I wouldn't have been able to change it, the lugnuts were way too tight thanks to having been put on by a heavy air wrench). Done. AAA said it would be 90 minutes, the driver got there in 30. I get five miles down the road and the spare shreds.

I halfway expected the spare to go bad. The car is a 1998 with 60,000 miles and probably had the original tires on it. The spare was full of air, I checked it and the tow truck guy was okay with it as well.

Now, onto the horrible part. I called AAA immediately after getting off the road the second time, in hopes they could call the driver and turn him around (I didn't have the driver's number, and in most cases, they can't do anything without AAA dispatching them). I spent the next four hours calling AAA and waiting for the tow truck to come back. AAA's computer system died and the truck driver (same one who changed it the first time) never got the call from them. He was called by the third Ohio State Patrol officer who came by to check on me.

A local officer had called a truck to come and get me, and I was going to go ahead and pay for it when the AAA driver showed up. The driver, as I said above, claims he never got the call.

Sometimes, I get a survey follow-up in snail mail from them. If I don't see one in a week, I will be visiting the local office and making my feelings known. And I'll be looking into other road services.

The worst part: I never got dinner. But I did call them and tell them I couldn't get there.
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