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Electrician Question

Hi everyone. I've been reading for ages although I never experienced anything bad enough to actually prompt me to post. Today however there is a bit of a situation that I could use some advice on,

My mother in law was nice enough to purchase a house for us in a time of need. It was 24k and as is which is fine, we're up for the work and it is habitable. Going in, we wanted to identify as many issues as possible so our realtor hired a series of different professionals to inspect each part of the house we had concerns about. Now I work 11am-8pm and the husband 7am-3:30pm. We made it clear to our realtor that any inspection had to be before 10 or after 4. She ignored this (she's another post in and of herself) so no one was there when the electric was inspected. Had we not needed to get this settled in a timely matter perhaps we could have pushed the matter more.

The report states the breaker box is a 220amp and that there were "no discrepancies noted at time of inspection". Now immediately after we moved in we had issues. The breaker trip extremely easily, sometimes we smell smoke, the appliances do not run at full amperage and a lot of the switches do nothing, some lights cannot shut off etc. We had an electrician out this week (from a company I've come to trust) who took one look at all of this and was furious. The box downstairs is a 110, lots of the breakers are overloaded, the wires going into the box are a hazard, and ANYONE with even an inkling of electrical knowledge could have looked at this (with or without people living there) and seen red flags out the wazoo. I believe the words used were extreme fire hazard.

Now this is going to cost about 4k to replace and despite my insistence my mother in law is going to let this drop. She states the house was sold "as is" and thus we have no recourse. My argument to her would be if you bought a car "as is" and the mechanic who inspected it told you the transmission was fine when anyone knowledgeable would tell you to run like hell, and it drops out a week later, I'm sure you'd have a darn good case of negligence against that mechanic. As she currently owns the house, I myself have no recourse, however as we are going to be paying her back for any expenses incurred of this nature, I do have a vested interest in this matter, particularly if the electrician inspecting could be held accountable.

My question is this; Do we have any recourse against the inspecting electrician? Could we get some type of reimbursement for the cost of repairs: either full or partial? We live in the USA in Ohio at this time. Because if we do I just might push my Mother in law harder to do something (or at worst flat out tell her I will not reimburse her for this if she won't make any effort to mitigate her expenses).

Really this entire situation leaves me quite angry. -_-;
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