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New Member & Pissed off Customer

I'm generally a very understanding guy. I work in retail, and I know that sometimes people make mistakes. So, if somebody screws up or whatever, I rarely get mad. I just smile and move about my day, because it's just simpler that way.


I went to McDonald's last night, while on a lunch break at my work. They have this special here (I don't know if it's going on anywhere else) of two quarter-pounders for $3 dollars. It is a pretty very good deal. So, I wait my time in line as the girls behind the counter slowly take orders and take to one another (which is a frequient problem at this McDonald's, but not the one at hand). Finally, I get up to the counter and ask if it would be possible to get the current deal as a meal, thus giving me fries and a drink to go along with the already unhealthy burgers. She gives me an affirmative, and I say I'd like to do that.

This is where it gets a little confusing.

She suddenly informs me that the burgers are two for $5. I give her quite the inquizitive look.

Trying to keep my cool, as usual, I point to the large sign not a foot away. "It says I can have two for $3, not $5."

She looks at the sign, and rolls her eyes. "That ain't what you order'd." She retorted. "Tha's fo' quarter-pounders. You order'd doub' quarter-pounders."

"No I did not," I reply, "I ordered two quarter-pounders under the assumption that they were three dollars."

Once more, she rolls her eyes. She said nothing, however. She turned away from the register and walked away muttering, and gesturing for another one of her co-workers to finish the order.

As I said up front, I am a pretty calm fellow. This was, however, the breaking point for me. As soon as she turned back around, I looked her right in the eye and said the following:

"Look. I don't come to McDonald's for your (explicative) attitude. I come here for a mother-(explicative) burger. So don't roll your (explicative) eyes at me, and finish the (explicative) order."

To be perfectly honest, that was the first time I'd ever talked to somebody like that in a store of any kind. But, at the time, I felt she deserved at least that and much more.

Sorry, McDonald's employee, for trying to order from your store. I'd hate to distract you from talking about who came over and did what at your apartment the night before.

(Note, I tried to capture the way she talked to me with the apostrophies in the appropriate spots)
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