Saffron Esmeralda (soulpaintedstar) wrote in bad_service,
Saffron Esmeralda

A WTF at the Doctor's Office....

Ok, so my mom is quite ill right now. She has a recurring problem called diverticulitis, which is an intestinal issue that is very painful and you basically can't eat. Because it's "flared up" from time to time in recent months, we've been to the ER more times than the normal amount. She's had a lot of CAT scans and x-rays and stuff on her abdomen and stomach done. Of course if they are done in the ER, those results are also forwarded to her normal doctor's office. I guess in his mind there have been too many of them, because yesterday when she was in the waiting room of her regular doctor (my former doctor), he looked in the room, looked at her, and ROLLED HIS EYES!! It's not her fault she's been sick and believe me, she would like nothing more than to NOT spend her day off, in pain to the point she's been passing out, in your damn office! To make matters worse, he didn't even bother going in her exam room! He sent in his nurse practitioner! I'm not saying she couldn't have helped, but my mother made her appointment to talk to HIM and to see if there was anything else at all that could be done for her ailment, not to be treated like some hypochondriac! My mother is 66 years old and there's no need for her to sit in pain, despite having Lortabs, not being able to eat, and then being treated that way!
Tags: *medical/pharmacy, first do no harm?
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