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I really wish Comcast didn't have a monopoly around here. Since I've been paying the bill at my parents' house, to now living on my own, it's been mediocre with intermittent spectacular moments.

First, let me explain a little about my bank account. I don't actually have one. What it is basically is a Western Union pay card. I have checks, I have an account and routing number, as well as a Visa debit/credit card.

I was going out of town, so I decided to set up via Comcast a one-time debit. Right now, the computer I have at home is lackluster. It's 13 years old and only likes to do one thing at a time, and takes forever to load anything. I often don't check my bank statement unless I'm getting paid because I usually withdraw it off the account, and because of the computer issues.

I set up for them to take $89.50 on 3/20 with my routing and account number.

On 4/3, I decided to go ahead and pay on my bill again so that I wouldn't have to on the pay I received today.

I called four times over the week to make sure what my balance was, since I had yet to receive a bill. $113.44, all around. I pay.

On 4/7, I wake up to no service.

I call Comcast. Apparently, they never took the $89.50 out. I didn't pay attention, but I'd just assumed the money wasn't there, so it obviously wasn't spent. I pay it over the card and get my services turned back on.

Upon getting online, I realize that they *never* took it out of my account. EVER. Not on 3/20, which they claim, and definetely not since then.

See, the way my account is, even, say, if they tried to take it out and it wasn't there, it would still show up on my statement. It didn't.

I had to fight with four CSR's to get my $4.00 back for processing my payment over the phone. It took me asking for a supervisor because the girl was getting argumentative saying that she wouldn't credit it because "it was my fault". Because, yes, I obviously stood behind the CSR in the call center, holding her hand and making her type my information wrong.

What took the cake was this: Monday, I got a notice saying they were charging me $20 for a returned check. WTF.

The CSR I spoke with said he'd get ahold of the proper department and get back to me in 72 hours.

Today, I finally did an online chat with another CSR at my mom's.

He said that he couldn't refund the credit.

The second guy said the same, and referred me to the main line, which is CLOSED.

The third guy said the same, but at least listened to me. He is hopefully, even though I doubt it by now, getting me a supervisor to call me Monday or Tuesday. He said he could see where I talked to someone on MOnday, but doesn't know why I was told that.

I've even offered to take my statement down to the office, but they're not open 'til Monday.

Am I wrong for wanting to get this credited back to my account?
Tags: automatic payments, comcast is crap, tv rots your brain

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