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Two small sucky anecdotes from today. Neither of them were really bad, but they were a bit WTF in addition to being poor service, and both of them happening so close was sort of annoying.

I went to McDonalds on my way to work this morning because I was craving one of their apple pies. The drive-thru seemed pretty busy, but I figured it would only take a few minutes to get through. At the speakerbox, I order my apple pie and a medium fries, and there's just silence for a moment, and then, "That's $3.25." And more silence.

I figured that was just she was busy and didn't have time to be chatty, so was just being quick and to the point. When I get to the window, though, the same woman doesn't say a word to me, just holds out her hand expectantly. I hand her $3.30 in change, and she says, "5 cents change."

No, "Drive down to the window" or anything. Well, that's not exactly bad, just... very terse and a little bit off-putting. I drive down eventually, and, this is the weirdest part. I can see a girl in there, right in front of the window, getting a Coke together, putting it in a drink holder, getting a frozen Coke, wiping down the sides, putting that in the drink holder, placing the drink holder on the window ledge... and through all this, she doesn't acknowledge me at all, not with a smile or eye contact or a, "Hi, how you doing?" or "It'll just be a moment." She's just getting other orders together and looking expectantly at the car behind me.

Eventually (I don't know how long it was, but it seemed like a pretty long time sitting at the drive-thru window), another girl comes up, and hands the girl at the window a bag of food. She looks at it for a moment, looks at me, asks, "Apple pie and a medium fries?" I confirm this, and she hands it to me without another word.

It wasn't terrible service by any stretch, but it was just a very... weird incident. Everyone was just so terse and no one seemed to want to talk to me or acknowledge me more than they needed to.

That afternoon, after work, I decided to get a bite to eat from KFC (yeah, yeah, I eat too much fast food). I order a Twister with no chicken on it, with cheese and pineapple, something I order from this store moderately frequently.

When I get the Twister, everything's great except that there's no sauce. That's not a big drama, but I went back to the counter and asked if I could get sauce added. In response, the girl behind the counter asked me, looking slightly confused, "Did you want sauce?"

I told her I did, and I was a bit confused why she thought I wouldn't, but then, it's a stupidly complicated order, so I don't have a problem if it's not perfect first try.

In response, she tells me, in this... hard to explain tone, a little surprised and like it's just occurred to her what I want, "Oh, I thought you wanted a DIET Twister."

I was really confused and probably said something super-duper intelligent like, "What?", and she told me, "Well, it's pepper mayo on the Twisters, and that's not very healthy," like that explained everything.

I know this isn't really terrible service either, but I can't help but think that that's just not an appropriate thing to say to a customer, and I don't know, it just really rubbed me the wrong way, the way she said it. I confirmed for her that no, I did want pepper mayo, because that's the best part, and she shrugged, took my Twister, and went out the back to put sauce on it. Still, it was just... a weird day for fast food, it seems.
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