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Jumping on the train...

But there is no train in the story... a post below about participation in ads made me recall a bad service story from not too long (concluded in February) ago.

I used to go to Rite-Aid for my prescriptions. They offer to match "all competitor's" drug prices (in other words, they use the Wal-Mart $4 list, and even have it behind the counter with Wal-Mart's logo on it). I ordered my large group of 7 prescriptions online and went to the store the next day to get them. Instead of the price being $40 (two of the drugs aren't on the list, so I pay my insurance co-pay for them, which is $10), it was nearly $100. I asked the tech about this, and she had the pharmacist (who has an attitude problem anyway) to correct the price. He huffily said "it's your responsibility to tell us every time you call in." He had forgotten or gotten cranky a couple times in the past, but had never said it with that much attitude, and when the other pharmacist was on duty, I never had a problem.

Now, I have a couple issues with that. First of all, if I called in and went through the phone fill process, there is no option to inform them of the $4 price... unless I chose to speak to a pharmacy rep each time (I checked). Second -- the person in front of me in line had the same problem, and the guy didn't cop an attitude with her.

The two drugs that didn't get reduced to $4 were charged at $41.99 and $23.99. Those prices were also incorrect, since my insurance would have covered the cost and reduced it to $10. Apparently, the Rite-Aid system will not reduce the price to $4 without manual intervention.

So, the next month, I wrote out a list of the prescriptions I was having filled, complete with the prescription number, name of drug, and "$4.00" beside each one that should have been that price, and I delivered it to the store. The pharmacy tech who took the list rolled her eyes, sighed, and said "it'll be after 2:00", turned her back, and didn't say another thing.

I switched to Kroger, half a mile down the road and their computer system automatically adjusts prices to match the apparently infamous list.

And to answer the question "why not Wal-Mart anyway?" -- because Wal-Mart is 12 miles down the road. These two places are under 3 miles from my house. And they offer the same deal. If they had no intention of offering it (Rite-Aid's marquis plainly said they matched all competitor prices) or making it ridiculously difficult, they shouldn't have offered it.
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