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My university's dining hall marks each item with certain signs: a heart for "heart healthy," a square for "low fat," a triangle for "vegan," etc. The latter is of particular use to me as I've recently gone vegan, but as the menu items change every day, sometimes the signs get left off. Rarely a big deal, and any time that's happened the employees were super helpful and would even ask the chef to be sure, etc.

Today I was eyeing these red potatoes, by which the yellow triangle was notedly missing. The baked potatoes are not prepared with any sort of butter, so I decide to ask on the off-chance that they are, indeed, a-okay. I ask the nearest dining hall employee, explaining that sometimes the signs are left off and blah blah.

Me: I-
Her: REAL VEGETARIANS KNOW YOU CAN EAT POTATOES. THEY'RE NOT A MEAT. If you're still confused you can email the dietician.

I just blinked at her and said ".. oh" because honestly, I've never encountered any sort of reaction like that.. from any employee. Had I not been so shocked I would've corrected her (useful information for allergy purposes, after all), but I just walked away, leaving her to feel superior to the dumb poser-vegetarian or whatever she took me to be.

Maybe I should have said "dairy-free" right off the bat instead of "vegan," but you'd think since it was a common menu descriptor, the employees would be trained in the lingo, not to mention possess a working knowledge of the difference between vegan and vegetarian.. oh well.
Tags: i smell bacon!!!, lamb is my favorite vegetable, potato is my favorite meat
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