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Burger King

I dunno if this is nessecarily "bad service", but it caught me a bit off gaurd. I went to Burger King to take part in their buy a value meal, get a kids meal for 99 cents. My son loves Spongebob, so it was a treat for him.

Went, ordered food at the drivethough, total came to something like $12 for my whopper and his meal. I asked, "Isn't the kids meal 99 cents?"

"Oh! Yeah drive around, I'll fix it," was the response I got.

I drive around, am waiting for the new total with my debit card in hand, and the cashier says to me, "Next time try to tell us you want the deal." Huh? "Well, we're just charging everyone the basic price unless they ask for the 99 cents deal. We're essentially losing money if we just give them all away for 99 cents."

Isn't that... the point of the sale? I mean, I got it for the right price, but lets say someone was making a bigger order and didn't notice the price difference. Can they do that? Why even participate in the sale? And WHY tell a customer "we're losing money if we do it"?
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