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Pizza! Pizza!

A couple of months ago, we drove 8 hours to TX to help a friend move (she was moving to where we live).  As her vehicle was already loaded on a trailer, I took her to run a couple of errands.  Since we had a house full of hungry kids, I decided to grab a couple of Little Caesar's pizzas because it would be cheap and quick.

We pull up at 11:15 and the place is dark.  Not sure if they are open, I get out and try the door.  They are and the hours on the window state they opened at 11:00.  My friend gets out and we go in to order pizzas.  There is one girl working and she doesn't look especially happy.  In the warmer behind her, I can see several boxed pizzas.  The menu says that cheese and pepperoni are cheap and readily available but you can order from a variety of other toppings.  I tell her I need a cheese and a pepperoni and she immediately says, "It's gonna be 15 minutes."  I thought it odd but said that was fine, we weren't in a hurry.  Plus, I also had a special order, 1/2 bacon-1/2 Canadian bacon.  "That'll be 20-25 minutes."  Okay, that's fine.  I shrug off the attitude she seemed to be giving me because she was the only one working and I figured someone called in or she was having a bad day, whatever.

We are standing around waiting and not FIVE minutes later a guy comes in and orders a cheese and a pepperoni and she turns and immediately hands him the pizzas.  At this point, based on what she had told me, he should have had to wait 10 minutes for those pizzas.  Still, I'm easy, it's a Saturday.  Fine.

We get back to the house and everyone is eating pizza.  I'm eating a slice of the bacon and notice what appears to be a slightly larger bacon bit, something I've run across before.  I bite into the pizza and start to chew and something goes CRUNCH!  I spit it out and look at it.  I show it to my husband (pretty sure I already know the answer) and say "What does this look like to you?"  "A rock?"  Yes, a ROCK!  Cooked into the pizza.  I nearly broke my freshly (like that Wednesday fresh) re-applied crown.  I'm too easy though, my crown stayed on so I didn't call to complain.  How would I have proved the rock came from the pizza anyway?

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