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How To Retain New Clients

Who loves letter format?

Dear Tax Preparer Place,

If you are in the business of preparing tax returns, and you tell your new clients that you will have their tax returns completed by Thursday (April 2), PERHAPS it might be a good idea to have their tax returns ready for pickup sometime before April 15. Or at least be able to deliver a solid answer to the question, "Are we going to have to file an extension?"

Seeing as it's now (past) the evening of April 14 and you have failed on these and many other levels*, perhaps you should review the helpful hints above.

Certainly this is a great way to ensure we'd like to pay you for your services next year. (FWIW, we haven't yet paid them for this year, since they haven't finished our taxes!)

With not a whole lot of love,

*Other levels include but are not limited to:
--receptionist not communicating to tax preparer that we were bringing in both business and personal taxes, even though I specified multiple times when making the appointment that it would be for BOTH business and personal taxes,
--tax preparer telling receptionist to tell me he would definitely call me back that evening or this morning but not actually doing that either (promises mean a lot to these people, apparently), and
--promising to e-mail important information about the business taxes that one of our partners needed to do her taxes (you guessed it, that hasn't been sent either).
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