BadgerBabe (badgerbabe) wrote in bad_service,

Five Dollar WTF

This is more of a WTF or a minor suck, I suppose.

We go to Subway fairly often.  There are four of us and we always order the same thing (plus it's a small town), my step-daughter's sandwich is kind of odd so they usually remember us when we come in.  I always order a tuna on honey oat with only light mayo.  We went in one day and the girl working had been there a couple of times when we'd been in.  She's making my sandwich and suddenly says "Are you going to get light mayo?"  I say yeah and she says "You know we make the tuna with regular mayo, we always giggle when ya'll ask for light."  I tell her that getting the light on the sandwich is still better than having regular and she says "Well, we use about two containers of the mayo in it so not much."  I don't say anything after that and we finish up and get our food.  Later, I complained to a friend that works there and she said that she's just kind of like that.  She was just trying to be funny but not doing a very good job of it.
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