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New to the community, just wanted to share some bad service I got at Bath & Body Works the other day. I got to the register and set my two lotions down on the counter, and the woman starts ringing it up & gives me the total, and then turns away to talk to her co-worker. Meanwhile I've already gotten my gift card out of my wallet and am holding it out to her for at least 30 seconds until she finally takes it from me. Then she asks how much is on it so I tell her $10 (weird, I've never been asked that before . . . I thought they could tell when they put it through the system), and she's putting the transaction through, still doesn't even look at me, then says through her headset thing, "Tammy Faye's new name is [something]," I can't remember what she said. That got my attention because my name happens to be Tammy, so I was looking her straight in the eyes and still achieved no interaction with her. When she's done ringing me up she gives me back the card, slams my bag down on the table and immediately turns around to talk to her co-workers again.

Damn . . . sorry to take up your precious time with my business! What ever happened to service with a smile?

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