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This is just not my YEAR so far.

Thursday of this week I had to take a first-aid class for work. I called Monday and registered, paying the class fee over the phone, and they sent me a receipt in the mail with the address, directions, date and time of the class.

I was sent the wrong address.

With the wrong directions (they were very specific directions, right down to where to go inside the [wrong] building....incorrectly).

AAaannnd (wait for it)....the wrong time. (The time given was EARLIER, thank deity, so I was actually ON time despite wasting an hour getting lost due to wrong address/wrong directions.)

I did in fact get my certification, so I'm not going to demand my money back, but I think a strongly worded letter might be in order.

ETA: Oh yeah, I almost forgot--the main office was CLOSED (according to their phone tree), and didn't open until an hour after the stated start time....
Tags: bad directions, school woes

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