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Tell me what I owe you, plz!

This morning I woke up early enough (before work) to call the magistrate court for the county/city in SC that I used to live in while stationed there. I'm now in the Pacific time zone, while they're Eastern. I definitely have the time change taken into consideration while calling (+3 hours from my time).

It's about 1:30pm their time and I get a hold of the Magistrate court to find out how much exactly I owe on a couple of speeding tickets I received a while ago that I haven't been able to pay until recently. The first time I'm put on hold and eventually, either my phone or they, disconnect me.

I call the Magistrate court again and a different person asks me where I got the tickets and it's determined that I need to talk to the "girls" at the municipal court area/section/whatever. Unfortunately they're out to lunch until 1:45.

Repeat me calling the Magistrate court (as this is the only number they have available for contact) at 1:45 and specifically ask if they have a separate number I can call to reach the Municipal court. She just goes aheads and transfers me and the girls are still not back from their lunch apparently. I'm able to leave a message, which I do, with the relevant information.

I wait until 2pm their time to see if they're back from their lunch for sure and again, I dial the Magistrate court number (still the only number I have, even after Googling and they have the same phone number listed for both Magistrate AND Municipal courts). Behold my luck when the phone rings and rings and I get a message telling me that the party I'm calling isn't answer (uh, duh?) and to try again at another time, at which point it disconnects me. No option to leave a message or any numbers to reach somebody else.

Their posted hours are 8am - 5pm Eastern time, so unless they went out for a nice late lunch, what the hell?

By the time I'm off work, they are closed and cue me giving it another try... tomorrow morning. I will be calling earlier, hopefully getting the answers I need so they can have their money and I can register my car in a different state.
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