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I know this isn't the worst thing ever...but it really irritated me today.

I really need to learn to not answer the phone when I'm at home during the day.

It was clearly one of those automated-dialing systems that registers when you pick up and transfers you to the first available person. Which I hate to begin with. Just like I hate any sort of phone-solicitation. The guy rambles on through the (I'm sure scripted) greeting and so on and then starts talking about the policeman's association of something-or-other. I admit, I interrupted him - I apologized for interrupting him and asked if he was asking for money. I try to be polite to these people, because I know it's their job and so on, but this guy...he said yes, he was asking for money, and I informed him that I am a college student, I don't even have a job right now, and I have no money. He said "It only takes ten dollars," and I said "I'm serious! I don't have a job! I have no money!"

And he just kept going. "I'm serious too, ma'am, blah blah blah" so I just talked over him - "Could you please not call me? It's not that I don't like donating, I just can't afford it, so could you please just not call me?" (him - blah blah blah) "I'm trying to be nice here, but I'm starting to get really irritated with you." and I sad a bit more and realized that somewhere along the line, he'd hung up on me.

Look! Dude! I know it's your job, or maybe you're volunteering your time, or whatever, but when I clearly state that I can't afford to donate anything because I don't have a job, why can't you say something like "Well, I'm sorry to hear that, ma'am, and I hope you'll be able to next year, have a good day." or something like that? Because you arguing with me over whether or not I can afford to donate $10 (which, by the way, I have to use for food) will not make me more likely to donate next year!
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