nverland (nverland) wrote in bad_service,

Dear Burger King,

I've dealt with your evening staff not wearing gloves and wiping their hands on their stomachs-and refused the food and gotten a refund. I've dealt with having to have my food remade when I stop in the mornings and the stuff sticks sausage on an egg and cheese only croisant. I've been friendly, polite, nice through all this. Today was the end. Ordering, carefully, an egg and cheese only croisant, a sausage egg and cheese buiscut and two medium hash browns should have been easy. Seeing they rang up bacon not sausage I told them and they said they'd correct it. Taking my money and telling me to pull around? Not cool, especially when you sat and visited with the car behind me. Giving me bacon on both sandwiches? Not edible for either of us. I don't eat meat, he can't bite through the bacon. And attitude by the manager wench that handed us this mess? Just no.

Letting my customers know just how lousy you've become,
Your former customer

For the record, the only way to complain is either call them long distance or write a letter. I won't be doing either.
Tags: i smell bacon!!!
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