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U-Hual - lying asshats

Last Thursday I took of two days to move from my parents home. I was moving closer to work about 50 miles away. Since money is always tight during moving and I didn't have a lot of stuff I decided to rent a trailer from U-Hual. I've had previous rentals with them before and it's been okay to good enough service.

I made the reservation online on Tuesday. They gave me a place 10 miles from my start point in the opposite direction from where I was going. I was cool with it because it was a trailer and therefore no millage. Wednesday morning I received an email stating the trailer was broken and they were subbing in a 14 foot truck. Great except they at $0.99 a mile. So I call up and talk to the lady who is helpful and says she can forget the millage and make the truck $30 (the price of a trailer). I tell her that if they don't have what I want then I really don't want to drive the extra distance.

So I call the U-Hual support line and talk to them for about an hour. Most of that it me being put on hold while they come back on every so often to ask me a question. Eventually they tell me they found a trailer in the size I wanted 2 miles from my house. I told them that was great! They set it up and I call the place to make sure they have it. My father and I show up that night (his jeep has the hitch on it) and pick it up. While there the guy quotes me a price of $130 and I ask him where the extra $100 came from. He says "It's a hold." and while I'm skeptical and let the sale go through. I'd never rented a trailer before so a hold sounded like something that would be done. (I've rented boats before and you have to give them like $500 dollars to hold.)

So we pick up the trailer and drive home. We pack everything and move me and drop the trailer off at a U-Hual place in my work town. When we dropped it off I forgot to ask the guy about the $100, mostly because I was freaking out about the condition of the apartment and the cats that suddenly appeared there.

Monday morning a $130 charge showed up on my Credit Card from U-Hual. I called their customer support line and told them of my issue. I was quite and calm and as polite as possible. I was a tad curt, because of the frustration, but I was still polite. They told me that someone hadn't entered the information (I'm assuming the place I rented from) yet and that they would have a service representative call me back. So I left my number and went back to work and let it slip to the back of my mind. I kept my phone on me all day in case they called. No one did.

I called Tuesday morning and was nice and polite and not curt at all. The lady goes "They will call you in 48 hours. It hasn't been 48 hours." and then rushes me off the phone. Needless to said I'm more then a little pissed now. I was quoted a price online of $29.99 and they turn around and charge me $130? I wanted a trailer because it was cheaper! It would have cost less to rent the 14foot truck in the first place! I'm still waiting on the service rep to call me back. I'm going to be as nice as possible but I don't understand where they get off charging me the extra $100

So it's Wednesday. It's been 48 hours and no call from U-Hual. So I call and get customer service and some guy that sounds like he's sick. So I explain to him (as polite as I can but I'm pretty pissed so I'm a curt bitch) that it's been 48 hours and I haven't received a call yet. He says that they are still working on it and he'll leave a note to call me asap. I'm still nice but I tell him that I'm getting pretty pissed off that they have $100 of my money and I'd like it back. He says he will have them call me again.

And now we come to Thursday. I've been typing this up as the days have unfolded. This morning I called and after an "argument" with the phone system (it didn't want to understand me pressing 3 and instead just repeated the menu a few times). Eventually I got someone on the line, and after explaining the situation and how upset and frustrated I am with this whole experience (please note I was somewhat calm. I wasn't cursing but I was angry) the lady on the phone raises her voice and talks loudly about me signing a contract and she can't do anything.

So I tell her it's bullshit. I signed the contact under false pretenses. The guy told me something untrue and I signed the contract with false information. They guy LIED to me. She kept saying I signed a contact. So I ask for a manager. Manage says the same thing and I get hot. I didn't mean to but I start yelling into the phone about how its ridiculous and this is bullshit. Yes, I signed a contact but the guy that gave me the information lied. He said it was the same price no matter where I dropped it off, which was bullshit. He said the $100 was a hold, which is again bullshit.

I've  called my parents and asked them what to do, because I can't seem to get anywhere with their customer service. My father suggested contesting the charge with my bank, which I'm considering. I called my bank and they are willing to, although hesitant since I signed a contract. I'm also considering calling corporate and just complain without expecting to get my money back.

In the end I'm never using Uhual again, and I'm going to tell everyone I know to never user Uhual, ever.

Tags: didn't read the box/sign/instructions, proofreading is for squares, reading is for squares
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