bubblegumsleaze (bubblegumsleaze) wrote in bad_service,

Wow! Thank you for calling Dominos!

Small but annoying.

I called Dominos last night and asked them what time they stopped delivering. They said 11pm.

It was 10:15 pm.

I tried to place an order but they said I had to call a different number. I called that number, which said to listen to the specials or  press 00 to place an order. I pressed 00 and was instantly disconnected.
Repeat this performance for five or ten minutes, and then decided to just wait through the recording. It ended with "the next available team member will be right with you!"
I was then disconnected.
Called back. "...will be right with you!" Disconnected.
Called back. "...:"Disconnected.
Called the first number I had called and they repeated that I had to call the number that kept hanging up on me.
Called back."...:" Disconnected.
Called back one final time at a quarter to 11 and wow imagine this, they answered!
"Thank you for calling Dominos, we're no longer taking orders."

I really think they were just hanging up so they wouldn't have to take anymore orders that night.
It's supsicious to me that the recording worked fine right up until any point that would mean placing an order and that when they finally did answer it was because they werent' going to have to do any work.
Tags: *pizzeria, can you hear me now?, customers shouldn't get what they want, hot fresh wank in 30 min or less, mod freeze, sry no orders of wank 5 mins before clos, wank
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