drachenfach (drachenfach) wrote in bad_service,

Invisible Customer Syndrome

I popped into a local department store after work to buy a couple of cheap T-shirts for a dance costume. I thought i'd be in and out in minutes. I was wrong.

Firstly, there was no one at the checkout area. I was standing like a lemon for a good few minutes before someone finally appeared, and walked straight past me to rearrange a rack of trousers. I asked her if she could serve me, and she said she didn't realise that I was waiting. Apparently people (there were two other customers behind me by then) just wait around in front of the cash registers with their arms full of merchandise for no reason.

Then she overcharged me. I realised the mistake before leaving the store, and went straight back to the desk to rectify it. Except not. She can't do refunds on her till, only exchanges. Perhaps I'd like to buy something else to make up the difference?

I didn't like, so I got banished to the customer service desk on the next floor. Where rang the bell and waited. And waited. And waited. There were staff around, but all of them seemed to be preoccupied with serving two women who must have been former staff, as once these ladies left they all started discussing how fat they'd become. Eventually one of them summoned a colleague to the Customer Service desk. Not to serve me, you understand, but to tell her just HOW FAT Lorraine looks now, my God, how can she live with herself?

By this point I was getting irritated. Not only had I wasted 20 minutes trying to buy these bloody T-shirts, but they were having this conversation well within earshot, and at a size 18-20, I am considerably larger than poor Lorraine. No wonder she left.

I had to interrupt them in order to get served. Apparently they didn't realise I was waiting. Maybe I'm doing something wrong here? I got no apology for the delay, and they continued their gossip session throughout the transaction. I commented on what poor service I'd received, and I don't think they even heard me.

I will be making a complaint, but it's not the first time I've received crap service from BHS. Sadly, until the rest of the high street start stocking T-shirts in colours other than pink and pale orange, I'm doomed to shop there.
Tags: department store, persnickety tags, standing like a lemon
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