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Definitely not the "Topz"

Topz is a "healthy" fast food restaurant that has a handful of stoers in a few states. The food is really good and a lot healthier than other restaurants due to the way they prepare their food. I had never been to this location before, but they closed down the two locations by my house, I decided I wanted to eat there while I was visiting a friend who lives an hour away, as there is one by her place. This is the email I am sending them, outlining the bad service I received:

To Whom It May Concern,

On the evening of Saturday, March 28th around 7:30pm, I patronized your establishment in Orange, California only to question if I will ever patronize any of your establishments again. I had requested my hot dog to be made a certain way (on a white bun with only mayo and cheese) and the girl at the counter assured me it would not be an issue. However, when I received my order (20 minutes later) not only was it incorrect (it had relish and raw tomato on it - and I cannot eat raw tomato) but I was met with a negative attitude by the person serving me. He took it away and out of sight. When I went back up to the counter to request that the food be re-made, instead of the girl at the counter acknowledging the mistake she decided to ignore me for several minutes then storm over and yell at me that it wasn't her fault.

Due to her poor attitude and the fact she stated that I would have to wait since other customers needed their food first (although I had ordered 25-30 minutes previous) I decided I wanted a refund. Why must I wait an additional 20-30 minutes for a mistake that wasn't my fault, especially when my friends were already eating their food? I asked for a refund only for the girl at the counter to slam her hand down and say in a very angry tone "We are so backed up. Will anything today go right tonight?" She then slid the receipt over and told me to sign it. I told her that if her attitude would have been better and had she just offered to fix the error, that I wouldn't have demanded a refund and I would have left a happy customer. She then just stormed off without another word.

One other thing I noticed is that my receipt said that I was rung up by "Jose" and this young lady with blond hair and blue eyes definitely did not look like a "Jose" to me. I do not know the name of the woman who helped me, but she seemed to be the only female on staff while I was there. I hope this information helps you in determining who she was.

Since I work in the Customer Service industry, I understand that everyone has a bad day however I also understand in this recession it is vital that service should meet a level of standard so consumers such as myself will continue to patronize the establishment and keep business afloat. The outcome of this whole fiasco is I receieved my money back and then went down the street to Weinerschnitzel where they got the order right the first time around and had a nice and cheerful disposition, although not as healthy as I had originally wanted my dinner to be, which is why I originally went to Topz.

Since the invention of Yelp and other service blogs online, I suggest you re-train your employees so if future customers look at reviews they do not see scenarios like the one I had to go through. I only hope in the future your employees take a minute to breathe and not unleash their fury on customers.


Karina Lynn

Does anyone have any suggestions for the letter before I send it? Thanks!

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