Kimber (chesterismyhero) wrote in bad_service,

Not terrible service, but it should definitely go under the "things an employee should NOT do in front of a customer".

The husband decided he was in the mood for some roast beef sandwiches, so we headed out to Arby's.

After we ordered, I was standing at the counter and the drive-thru girl was asking the sandwich maker where her medium sandwich was. The sandwich maker told her that they just did the 3 special orders (which were the husband's) and that her sandwich was coming.

Apparently that was not the answer she wanted. She proceeded to throw the bag and call the sandwich maker a "fucking douchebag". Granted, it wasn't loud, but I could definitely here it from where I was standing.

A couple minutes later they started ignoring other customers at the counter to admire an off the clock co-workers new manicure.

So yeah..not necessarily bad_service directed at me, but seriously, you probably shouldn't call your co-worker a dirty name within earshot of a customer.
Tags: kiss your mother with that mouth?
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