Jantra (jantra) wrote in bad_service,

Bad_Service, Deception, or Blind?

As the title suggests, I can't figure out what this is. I feel like its a bad_service, but maybe its a form of deception and not bad_service... what do you think?

I was driving along the well-driven route home from the gym when I noticed my gas was getting low. I passed three gas stations on my left side that had prices of $2.03 for gas. I knew that coming up were several stations on my right (meaning I wouldn't have to cross the busy highway twice) and decided to wait.

Upon seeing the first place on the right, I noticed the $2.03 price as the others all were and pulled in. Did the normal filling up after swiping my credit card, freezing my tush off because of wind + gym shorts. Heard the pump stop at the fill point, hung up the hose, and glanced up.

...Wait, something's wrong.

Why on earth does it say I'm paying $2.11 per gallon instead of $2.03?!

Confused, thinking maybe I hit the wrong button, I look back at the big sign that has the gas prices.


No $2.11. Even more confused, I decided to go talk to the woman inside.

Me: Hello. I think there's a problem... the sign says $2.03 for gas but when I pumped, it said I was paying $2.11. Has the price gone up and your sign not changed?
Her: .....no.... that's the price of gas if you're paying cash.
Me: ...What??
Her: *points to the big sign out front* See how it says "Self" and "Cash"? That means you have to pay cash to get that price.
Me: ....But every other gas station in the area is $2.03 right now if you pay cash or credit. And I'm pretty sure there is absolutely no sign on the pump that says you pay more if you pay with credit card nor how much the price is right now WITH credit card.
Her: ...Sorry, that's just how it is. Tough luck. *goes back to reading her newspaper*

Well, I left because I didn't think there was anything I could do. I double checked when I left. Nope, not a single sign that mentions you pay more with credit card or how much more it will be. Just the normal Pay inside for cash or out here with credit card before you pump sort of thing.

Driving home, I realized that other signs just said "Self" and not "Self" "Cash". I've never heard of such a thing where you pay the NORMAL PRICE if you pay in cash and pay 8 cents more if you get it on a credit card!

What do you all think? Deceptive? Bad_Service? Fraud? Am I just stupid and blind? Thank you!
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