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Taxes Grrr

I filed with last year. I had no major problems with them but I wasn't completely happy since I found out later they could've gotten me a bigger return.

This year I decided to try H&R Block ( and had a hard time navigating the site. I had to go through the "filing" steps at least five times for each of my returns (CO, Federal, and NY) because ... I don't know. It didn't save the info? It only let's you click "Back" or "Next" and I clicked Next whenever I was done filling out info or selecting options.

So finally, FINALLY, I get all three completed and it's going to send them off as soon as I pay. So they charge me $80 for all three and for the efiling ability. I receive an email verifying payment, it cleared my account 2 days later, and I get one final email with the subject "YOU'RE DONE!" saying I can check the status of my refund in a few days on

That was February 28th.

I decided it'd been awhile since I'd heard anything about my refund and went to today. They can't find record of my refund at all. It's not even processing. So I log in to my hr account and find that not only are there errors on the returns again (ones it previously told me were fixed) but that they have not sent these to the IRS yet. So I go to try and process the errors and I can't. No matter what I do it tells me my answer is not accurate and I need to call the IRS (right, because those phone lines aren't tied up and it's just so easy to call the IRS expecially this time of year).

I've been searching the hrblock site that I filed on and I can't find Help anywhere (oh, there's Ask An Adviser, but you pay $19.95 per question and I'm not too keen on giving them anymore of my money right now) not even contact us or site help. So I'll do a bit of googling, and see if there's a hrblock site that isn't just the filing taxes page.

What makes me most upset about this is there was no notification that there was a problem. I paid, AND got a 'efiling is complete' email and was under the impression things were fine. But hrblock just decided it wasn't important enough to, you know, actually file my taxes I guess. I should've absolutely been on top of this sooner but when I pay a company $80 to do submit my tax return, I expect them to do that and let me know if there were any problems with that. It's not an easy time to just be without money right now.

Any advice for dealing with hrblock and hurrying to do my taxes now (even if I have to redo them O.o!!) is welcomed and appreciated.
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