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LoL I know people are going to be like "What the hell did you expect? It's Denny's!" I have such a love/hate relationship with Denny's. I love their food but I hate hate hate their service.

Case in point, the other night me and my boyfriend are on our way home from going out clubbing it's like 3:40 am and I've got a case of the late night munchies but I'm also tired and getting over a cold so I really didn't want to stop and eat anywhere I just wanted to pick something up to go. We both decide on Denny's being that they are open 24 hours and we were in the mood for it.

I call them up and tell the woman who picks up that I want to place a to-go order, she says "Ok!" and puts the phone down and I hear her scream to someone in the background that she has a to-go order on the line.

I literally sat on the phone for 10 minutes and no one answered. We were far enough away from that Denny's that I kept waiting just thinking "If they pick up now we might still have enough time to place the order and not have to wait so long for the food". I understand that it was ridiculously late but they were open for business (I assume the woman who answered the phone would've told me so if that wasn't the case) and if anything they shouldn't have been too busy at that time. At least if someone would've picked up and told me that they hadn't forgotten about me or something. In the end my boyfriend convinced me to hang up and that Denny's wasn't going to happen that night. We ended up eating some delicious hamburgers at a Colombian restaurant instead.
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