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So, this morning around 10:00 am, I gave the SmartStyle salon a call just to make sure that the manager was there. She was the one that answered the phone so at 10:30 (at my break), I walked over to the mall. I had everything prepared in my head, I had my receipts and the website printout in my bag. When I walked in, a woman welcomed me and I asked to speak to Val. She said that she was her (lol, awkward sentence) and I began by asking her how much a wash-cut-blow-dry cost. She replied with $18.95 and I calmly explained to her that I had come in, chosen that service and was charged $37.70. I explained that the sign was misleading, it was a false advertisment and that the clerk I spoke to yesterday refused to listen to my side of the story. I said that I paid in full yesterday and that based on the time and energy spent, I expected a full refund. To be honest, I meant to say that I would be satisfied with just the $15 back but I said full refund by mistake. The manager said she couldn't do that but offered to refund me the $15. I didn't mind paying for the original haircut so that was fine with me (I really liked my cut. I no longer look 12!). The manager was really nice and she apologized on behalf of her store and employee and refunded my money in cash. She had me fill out a form (my name, address, date, signature) and that was that. I went in with a smile and came out with a smile. I want to thank everyone who helped me yesterday, you guys were incredible. I mean, 80 comments? Hahah, that's unreal. For what it's worth, I hope this never happens to any of you :)

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