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Would you consider these bad_service?

My sister came home tonight complaining about some alleged bad_service she received at a pet store. I don't really think that she got bad_service, but she got mad at me when I tried to explain why I didn't think it was. So it made me wonder. In your opinion, are the following scenarios really bad_service?

The first one occured when my sister was trying to buy a sweater for my mother's dog. She found one that she liked, but it was missing a button (the button was hanging off of the sweater and came off). When she consulted the store, the employee wasn't sure how much it was, since it was the last one and was missing its tags. The employee asked that my sister return when the manager would be working. The manager wasn't working for the next three days (strike one in my sister's eyes). When my sister finally spoke to the manager, the manager told her that she could have the sweater for twenty dollars, since there were other sweaters in a similar style for that price. The manager didn't know how/wasn't able to/didn't want to find out the real price. My sister wanted a ten percent discount because she would have to sew the button onto the sweater. The manager said no, because they were able to provide the button along with the sweater. Now, my sister considers this bad_service. What do you think?

 For the second one, it occured when my sister was buying one of those little machines that will keep your pet's water continuously fresh. The store is having a sale where everything is 30% - 70% off. These machines were all 40% off. When looking at them, my sister realized that all of the machines were labeled with stickers that said $49.99, except for one, which had a sticker on it that said $43.99. My sister picked this one up and went to the registers with it. She expected to get it for $43.99 with an additional 40% off, but the employee said no. Because it was ringing up at $49.99, she was expected to pay $49.99 with an additional 40% off. My sister considers this bad_service because, according to her, all other stores (a couple of department stores like Wal-Mart, a clothing store she used to work at, etc...) would have given it to her for $43.99 minus 40%. I didn't think that stores HAD to honor this sort of mistake, and if they don't, that's why I don't think it's bad_service. Again, what are your thoughts? 

EDIT: I forgot to say that for scenario #1, she didn't end up buying the sweater, but for scenario #2, she did end up buying the machine, if that makes a difference.

Either way, considering her attitude tonight, my sister is SO not the kind of customer I'd ever want to face when she's mad. -.- Anyway, some opinions would be nice. I'm genuinely curious to hear your thoughts.
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