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My wife picked us up dinner from the McD's drive-through the other night...

The drive-through attendant (DTA) passed our food out to the car ahead of her. They rummage through the bag, pass it back, and eventually get their correct order & leave.

When Lisa gets up the the window, the DTA tries to hand her the same bag of food she had passed out previously. She refuses to take the bag, tells the DTA that its unsanitary because the previous car had dug through the bag, & asks her to remake the order. DTA rolls her eyes & asks Lisa to pull up to the special "this is gonna take a while" drive-through spot.

My wife, realizing she forgot to ask for condiments, gets out, walks inside, and catches the DTA rebagging the same food in a new bag.

*cue irate wife*

So Lisa asks for the manager, who comes out while they're remaking the entire order, & tries unsuccessfully to placate my wife. Well, not placate... maybe "keep from bitching to anyone higher up the food chain".

She asks for the DM's name & he refused to give it at first, telling her the 800 number was on the side of the bag. She argued with him, got the DM's name, number, & our food & left.

As she was walking out, the manager turned to the DTA and said, quite clearly, "Don't worry about it, it's just some stupid white girl."

*cue irate husband*

So she called & left a voice mail with the DM, requesting a call-back within 24 hours, and he called her back by the next morning. She explained the situation, & he promised not only disciplinary action, but to call her back & let her know what action was taken after he investigated the incidence.
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