Preserving dead alien corpses since 1995! (cschick) wrote in bad_service,
Preserving dead alien corpses since 1995!

Argh credits . . . Snapfish, and Dell

So, over the holiday season, I went a bit nutty and did a bunch of photo gifts for people in my family.

As a result of spending several hundred dollars with them, Snapfish apparently decided to give me a $10 credit on my account, with an expiration date of 3/31/2009. I have the e-mail which lists the expiration date. I also checked the my account page recently and noted the expiration on the credit.

Today, 3/30/2009, I go to order a collage print and some photos from the last few months, using that credit. Except that the credit is now listed as expired and thus cannot be used.

I wrote them, and maybe it'll turn into good service and they'll return the credit to me. But as my husband reminded me, Dell did the same thing to us recently with a $50 credit and responded with a polite "tough shit" to the complaint.

Edited: A snapfish employee wrote me back and told me to place an order and provide her with the order number to manually apply the credit. But that proved not even to be necessary, because my not-supposed-to-be-expired credit was automatically applied at checkout. So, I am happy with Snapfish again.

Dell still sucks :D

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