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Nelnet Student Loan company

So, I have several student loans through Nelnet.  Recently, they have come due at the worst possible time.  I had my hours cut at work and my husband's hours have been cut as well.  This leaves us juggling bills and I called Nelnet for a deferment.

The gentleman I talked to on Tuesday was wonderful.  He told me exactly what I needed and that it would be processed in about 3 business days.

I needed:
My last month's pay stubs (which do not reflect my hour reduction).
A letter stating that I was requesting a hardship deferment.
A letter from my supervisor that stated my hours had been reduced.

I thought all was fine...until I got this email...
 The email states that, while my letter from my supervisor has been received, it did not state a wage.  I replied to the email, stating that my hourly wage had not changed and did my pay stubs not cover the hourly wage? That was on Thursday.  I finally got a reply today, where I was told that the only thing they have every received is the letter from my supervisor.

Concerned and confused, I call them up.

I explain to the rep my situation and my question.  I then ask if they have received my pay stubs or not.  Here is where the bad service really comes in:  He doesn't know.  Instead of saying he doesn't know, he asks the person next to him...without using the mute button. 

"Doesn't she get that we need income verification?"  After he asks, the tell-tale silence of a mute button in use is heard.  When he unmutes himself, the background noise is much more noticeable.  Mainly, because I hear someone yelling, "What are you, stupid?" in the background.

I proceed to sit through about 2 minutes of silence before I ask him again if he can tell what has been received and what hasn't.  Again, there is silence for a moment, then only background noise.  During that time, I hear, "Can you please verify your address.....jackass." 

Finally, he comes back on and states that they received nothing but my supervisor's letter.  I ask how they connected it to my account and he says, "I'm sure that was on the fax somewhere."  (As a note, while my name is on the letter, my account number was on the fax cover and my letter to them.)

I then ask if they use noise reduction headsets.  He confirms that they don't.  I then tell him that he should probably let his supervisor know that they should invest in some so that I don't have to listen to other reps call customers names.

I'm wondering if the deferment will actually be processed in a timely manner.  I'm thinking not.

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