The queen of the imps (tenshinofushigi) wrote in bad_service,
The queen of the imps

Really minor, but still weird

This is less 'bad service' than 'service WTF' but still...

About an hour ago, I went to my university's campus convenience store to buy an energy drink. When I got to the counter, the total came to $3.24, and I took out a ten dollar bill and gave it to the cashier.

The cashier had just popped out the drawer when I said, "Oh, and here's twenty-four cents", two dimes and four pennies I'd found in my pocket. She looked at it and said, "I can't take it, the drawer'll come up short".

I looked and she hadn't even put the ten I'd handed her into the drawer yet. I asked, "How would it come up short?" She said something like, "If I take it out, and then's complicated."

Since it wasn't really a big deal either way, I just kept my change and took the $6.76 she gave me.

I've worked four retail jobs before, and I've never worked a register where it mattered what kind of change you gave back. I could understand if she was low on singles or something (though that doesn't explain why she said the drawer would be short).
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